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How it Works

1. Discover local businesses

Discover exclusive location-specific promotions, offers, information & personalized greetings from retailers and venues all around you.

Let us know what you like in your profile and receive only the messages that matter to you!

myStreet is currently available in Toronto & Oakville.

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2. Share your finds...

Find something awesome? Share it with someone you know for a special surprise... an instant win!

It's easy. Just take a photo, and share it with one person or everyone you know.


3. Win Instantly!

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Other loyalty programs only reward you after a certain number of visits or purchases. Not myStreet. With myStreet, you have a chance to win instantly at any participating business you visit just by walking in.


myStreet is available where you eat, shop & play.

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#myStreet is Local. Wherever Local Is.

myStreet works at your favourite downtown shopping destinations around town & around the world.

Help local businesses grow by sharing your finds with everyone you know.

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Discover great places to eat, shop & play — Locally

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Discover & Share — locally.

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