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The first social commerce app powered by AI and instant text

As unique as each of us, the MyStreet wall learns your preferences, passions and shopping habits, and lets you build your own virtual high street featuring some of the UK’s best independent retailers.

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Retailers can set up an account and join our community in a few easy steps. Pair your existing online shop with MyStreet in one click and start connecting with shoppers who love what you have to offer – they just haven’t discovered you yet.

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A unique shopping experience that is personalised to the customer. In-app messaging helps customers find the perfect item and gives retailers the opportunity to share their expertise and communicate about new products and unique sales.

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MyStreet is the first-of-its-kind app that allows shoppers to create a digital high street and support bricks and mortar stores. Whether you are a shopper or shop owner, your experience and journey is as unique as you. Mystreet connects shoppers to some of the UK’s best independent retailers and allows them to discover products they will love

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Compatible with the most widely used e-commerce platforms